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Newsletter #3

This is the third Core Paper Newsletter. This newsletter aims at giving readers regular updates on Core Paper projects, including Kulupu, Solri and others.

The newsletter will be updated from time to time, without a fixed interval.


On the Kulupu network, there is currently one democracy referendum ongoing, together with several development and communication updates.

  • A new referendum is under voting. The voting period ends on block 282,240. If it passes, Kulupu’s block reward will be set to 10 KLP.

  • A new Kulupu network upgrade communication protocol document is published on the Kulupu wiki. This is to specify the process of network upgrade and responsibilities of various parties, to ensure trustworthiness and security.

  • Direct coin-holder initiated funding process for treasury is implemented in code runtime. (#100)

  • Desired council members count is changed from 17 to 11 in code runtime. (#101)

  • Build and CI experience improvements. Substrate git submodule is replaced by direct git dependency. Locked flag is added for CI runs to reduce the possibility of mistakes. (#99, #102)


  • Ellaism community has expressed interests in the Dothereum thought experiment.