Table of contents

Core Paper

Core Paper is a collection of specifications, reviews and descriptions of various blockchain projects.

Core Paper consists of several sub-projects:

  • Core Paper of Ethereum: Ethereum-specific specifications and reviews.

  • Core Paper of Substrate: Substrate-specific descriptions, including Kulupu.

  • Core Paper of Solri: Solri family blockchains.



Please send pull requests to the Github repository. You can also directly mail patches to Wei Tang.

On this page

  • Smart contract: Discussions and notes about smart contracts.
  • Ethereum: Core Paper of Ethereum aims at providing an overview of Ethereum Virtual Machine, and available enhancements that can be applied on Ethereum and Ethereum Classic blockchains.
  • Governance: Those are some philosophy and governance articles about blockchain designs.
  • Kulupu: Kulupu is a proof of work blockchain with on-chain governance and online upgrade.
  • Signed mining: This article discusses the idea of signed mining, which tries to provide a safe construct with a high degree of delibration, in a Proof of Work blockchain system.
  • Miscellaneous: This page are miscellaneous of various things that do not belong to a certain category.
  • Newsletters: This section contains newsletters related to Core Paper projects.
  • Polkadot governance: This section documents various proposed governance improvements for Polkadot, Kusama, and network-alikes.
  • Polkadot staking: The section documents Polkadot’s staking election situations, problems and discussions about potential solutions.
  • Polkadot Governance Forum on ActivityPub: A decentralized blockchain needs a decentralized governance discussion platform.
  • Sedbin: Sedbin is a concept of proof of work blockchain with shared security. Similar to merge mining, it allows multiple blockchains to use the same source of PoW, thus increases the security and better protects against 51% attack. Sedbin, however, has a smaller seal size, and requires much less logic changes to participating blockchains. It also enables security sharing for three or more blockchains, instead of just two in the situation of merge mining.
  • Solri: Solri is a blockchain experiment that tries to bring Substrate style on-chain governance for Proof of Work.
  • Substrate: Core Paper of Substrate aims at providing some notes and specifications of Substrate implementation.