Those are some philosophy and governance articles about blockchain designs.

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  • Immutability: This opinioned article aims to explore the "immutability" concept in regards of blockchains. The goal is to provide a practical definition of "immutability" that can be followed, and discuss how to design blockchains to maintain backward compatibility.
  • Voluntary council: This article provides a description of "voluntary council", as a form of governance model for decentralized blockchains. It ensures both that users have choices whether to follow a hard fork or not, and that the whole method is fully automated, without worries about non-scalable human process.
  • Voluntary issuance: Issuance design has been one of the primary things that governance system of a blockchain has to decide. Issuance comes in varities of forms, from halving, to tail emissions, to constant supplies. In this article, we try to explore a different method — to allow multiple different issuance bodies to co-exist within a blockchain, and to allow them to be created and followed at will. If no issuance curve can last for a hundred years, then do not have a fixed one.