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Core Paper of Ethereum aims at providing an overview of Ethereum Virtual Machine, and available enhancements that can be applied on Ethereum and Ethereum Classic blockchains.


Currently, we cherry-pick some pressing issues on Ethereum, and attempt to provide an overview of all available proposals falling under those categories.

  • Backward Compatibility: Backward compatibility enhancements such as account versioning, versionless EVM, and BEGINDATA opcode.

  • Error Handling: Unrecoverable and recoverable error handlings.

  • Feature Upgrade: Hard fork, soft fork, and processes for gathering opinions on whether a hard fork or soft fork should proceed.

  • Mining Algorithms: Switching mining algorithms and related issues.

On this page

  • Backward compatibility: Overview of backward compatibility issues in Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.
  • Error handling: Error handling issues in Ethereum.
  • Ethereum Virtual Machine: This provides a definition of Ethereum Virtual Machine that is modular. This enables reusing the EVM definition for projects outside of Ethereum-like blockchains.
  • Metering: Gas metering in Ethereum is used to calculate the cost of a particular contract execution. This article discusses improvements we can do to make metering better.
  • Mining algorithms: Switching mining algorithms and related issues.
  • State growth: State growth, storage rent, stateless client and other related issues.
  • Feature upgrade: Overview of feature upgrade process and related issues in Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.