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Newsletter #1

This is the first-ever Core Paper Newsletter. This newsletter aims at giving readers regular updates on Core Paper projects, including Kulupu, Solri and others.

The newsletter will be updated from time to time, without a fixed interval.


The current development focus on Kulupu is still mining optimization and emission framework polishment.

  • Thanks to Shawn Tabrizi, the reward curve function is merged in Kulupu. This provides the basis for defining long-term emission curves on-chain via the democracy governance module.

  • Work is under way to update Kulupu to Substrate master and improving build experience. The goal is to remove all git submodules, which was a pain point for users building Kulupu from source code. This is currently pending a discussion related to keystore.

  • Discussions are on-going in our Discord server to reduce the number of council seats.

  • During Gondoa runtime upgrade, an accidential runtime module index change resulted in all current pending democracy proposals to be cancelled. The council has tentatively agreed to reimburse all slashed proposal fees, as this is a technical error. You can read more on Kulupu’s incident report.


  • A thought experiment called Dothereum is started. This is describing what the eth1 to eth2 transition looks like if it happens in Substrate / Polkadot. The main advantage is that not everything needs to be in place in one go (at the transition height). Noticeable improvements can be tested in production, and experienced by users along the way. A rough specification was provided for what the user experience would look like.

Non-Paper notable mentions

  • Besides two high reliability validators, Wei’s Polkadot validation service now also offers a third home-run validator option ("Wei/3") for those who want to support eco-friendliness and decentralization. You can read more about this Polkadot validator service on Wei’s website.