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Newsletter #2

This is the second Core Paper Newsletter. This newsletter aims at giving readers regular updates on Core Paper projects, including Kulupu, Solri and others.

The newsletter will be updated from time to time, without a fixed interval.

Announcing "Kulupu, The Code"

To faciliate the difference between development and marketing, we’re going to launch a canary network (testnet), called Kulupu, The Code (short for The Code in the below paragraphs). To avoid confusions, the current mainnet is going to be called Kulupu, The Coin (short for The Coin in the below paragraphs). New features and ideas will first be developed and tested on The Code. The canary network (testnet) is what the developers will be directly maintaining.

Once in a while, community members can fetch new features from The Code, and apply them to The Coin. The Coin is considered a value network, which means that it’s a network that investors may speculate and trade.


We do not plan to launch the canary network (testnet) The Code just yet. It will likely happen in the coming months. Several notable difference of The Code compared with The Coin are likely to happen initially with further development of Kulupu.

  • The Code will likely to be directly on PoW algorithm version 3. This is likely to be a GPU-friendly algorithm with imporved signed mining, using deterministic signatures. This will allow The Code to have shorter block time.

  • The Code will likely to have better era support from the beginning, to better facilitate any possible ReGenesis process.

  • The Code will likely to have a new difficulty adjustment logic, to better facilitate light clients. It will likely also use digest-based PoW-upgrading logic, rather than the current one based on runtime-extern.

  • The canary network (testnet) community of The Code will be more likely to support unlimited total supply (and fixed emission) than The Coin.

The Coin is supposed to form a leaderless community from now on. Network upgrades of The Code will continue to be maintained by the development community. However, on The Coin, this is expected to be a task that is up for grab by the public.

The development community will continue to facilitate tasks for The Coin for things related to fact-checking and transparency. This includes disclaimers, DYOR series posts, misinformation corrections, and others.


  • The specification of Sedbin is updated to now require data availability. Without the data availability guarantee, Sedbin’s fork choice will not function correctly.Thank you, Alistair Stewart!